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Groom’s Wedding Suit Ideas

Because it’s not all about the dress —— yes, the groom’s suit should also take centre stage on the big day. The groom is, after all, one half of the most important duo there! The following ideas will ensure that you, the groom, will attract just as many compliments as your bride for your dazzling choice of attire.

Country style weddingsGo rustic

Yes gents, embrace the country look. Thanks to Marcus Mumford and his entourage this look is here to stay. There are many ways to achieve this awesome look. You can go all out in tweed, complete with cap (do try this on, only a man with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ can truly pull the tweed cap off) or tone it down with beige trousers and a waistcoat. A plain tweed jacket with a white shirt, braces and bow-tie can be particularly effective. This style will look especially awesome at a farm themed or outdoor venue. Barn dance, anyone?

Embrace patterns

If you are going to wear a patterned suit, make sure you really go the whole hog. Patterned suits should be statement: a half hearted attempt just won’t do. Flowers, dots, parrots, flora and fauna; it’s all there if you want it. A word to the wise, if you are going to do this, check your bride is okay with it (it may be a shock if she is expecting a black suit!) and discuss your colour scheme. No-one wants a colour clash situation at their wedding..

Mens Wedding Suits WexfordColour it up

What better way to stand out next to your beautiful bride with a statement colour suit. Be bold. Be daring. Bright blue can be wonderfully effective at being bold whilst maintaining sophistication. Other popular choices include dark greens and maroon. As above, discuss colour combinations with your bride and rock the photo shoot!

Mix ‘n’ Match

A fun way to dress for the groom who does not wish to wear a standard wedding suit.

Wedding Suit Ideas

Think braces with a checked shirt, a dapper suit with cowboy boots, a linen suit with a bowtie: the options are endless and such fun to throw together. A clever option is to buy selected items from a tailor and throw them together with items scavenged elsewhere for a truly upmarket/ downstyled look. Just don’t make it look like you tried too hard…


A plain suit can be jazzed up something wonderful with the right accessories. A hat can add just the right amount of charm to the occasion. Coloured pop socks peeking out over shoes will bring a smile to your guest’s faces. A multicoloured cane can add a little suave and a jazzy brolly can make for wonderful photo ops (whilst you’re at it, throw on some wellies too: you never know when it may rain!).

Ultimately, the groom’s suit can be just as exciting as the bride’s dress. It just needs a little pimping. Go be creative and make yourself stand out!

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