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Why a married couple couldn’t bear to be without their dog on their wedding day

South Carolina: Hillary and Logan Bowles' wedding location. Image by Sean Pavone (via Shutterstock).

Charleston, South Carolina: where Hillary Bowles and Logan Bowles tied the knot. Image by Sean Pavone (via Shutterstock).

Your wedding is a most special time of your life. Leading up to the nuptials, you wonder if all the invitations have been sent out. Have the clothes, venue, and church been hired? What about your dog? Who do your leave your canine friend with, besides taking your dog to a boarding kennels?

This left Hillary Bowles and Logan Bowles in a quandary. The couple had their wedding in South Carolina, a fair distance from Hillary’s and Logan’s native states of New York City and Ohio respectively. They left their dog, Leo, with family in Ohio. As the couple couldn’t bear being without their dog, the bride’s father, Wayne, had a novel idea.

Before embarking on their travels, Wayne created a cardboard cutout of Leo. On his journey from Ohio, Wayne took pictures of the cardboard mutt, all the way to South Carolina. Subsequently, on arrival in Charleston, Leo was ‘seen’ at Hillary’s and Logan’s wedding. Here’s how Hillary recorded the happy moment on her Twitter account:

Aren’t dogs wonderful.

Unless they eat part of your wedding cake. According to The Sun, Bella, a two-year-old black Labrador Retriever ate her way through half a wedding cake. Worth £120, this was devoured before Liam and Donna McMahon from Stanley, County Durham, were about to get married.

The dog was more hyperactive than usual and fell ill. On a serious note, the chocolate we enjoy isn’t suitable for dogs. So, the moral of the story is this: keep your wedding cake away from the dog, and the same goes for anything that is sweet.

Eden Manor Bridal, 26 July 2017.

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