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We don’t just provide fabulous wedding dresses and bridal wear, we also have a stylish range of men’s formal wear for the groom. Take the opportunity to find the formal wear that suits you best in our relaxed atmosphere in the countryside, away from the bustling towns and cities of Ireland.

A lot of focus is put on the wedding dress when it comes to the big day, and you’d be forgiven if you thought men have it easy: “all they have to do is pick up a suit”. This is actually not the case. Men want to look and feel just as good on the day and look back on the photos happy with how they look. It’s important to think about men’s formal wear for a wedding, and not leave it to the last minute. If you’re organised nice and early, not only will the bride feel better, but the groom will have more time to look at men’s formal wear in more detail, and be able to decide what he does and doesn’t like so that he can choose accordingly, instead of just picking what is available in his size. But what are the most popular looks for men’s formal wear?

The main theme is individuality. This might not be a specific look, but it’s more about people being able to wear what they like and feel comfortable in, without being constrained by convention. If you’re happy with the way you look, you’ll be less nervous and be able to enjoy the day more. The traditional wedding wear was always morning suits or three piece wedding suits in a muted colour with colours to match the bride’s flowers.

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A three piece suit can be warm and not all that comfortable for those that are broader – not everyone wants a waistcoat. A morning suit’s length won’t suit everyone, especially those that are shorter. We have a selection of wedding suits to suit every body.

Other ways that men’s formal wear is being made more individual is with different button holes. Men are wanting to put their own stamp on button hole accessories and instead of just flowers are picking more interesting and unique arrangements involving their hobbies and interests – from golf balls to action figures!

Stylish Collection of Men’s Formal Wear

Whatever men are thinking of for their formal wear this year, for their big day they should make the effort so that they enjoy looking at their wedding photos in the future, and wow the bride as much as she wows him.

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