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Another half dozen wedding superstitions and traditions you may have forgotten about

Wedding Superstitions Image Andrii Kobryn on Shutterstock

Wedding Superstitions Image Andrii Kobryn on Shutterstock

In a previous post on wedding traditions and superstitions, we gave you an infographic with some of the best known traditions. For this one, we have decided to follow this up with six bizarre wedding superstitions and traditions. These are more esoteric than the infographic we did earlier. There’s some which you might think “hey, why don’t we do this on these shores?”

1. Does your choice of wedding day have an effect on your prosperity?

To be honest you should read too much into this. For the first of our wedding superstitions, an old English tradition suggested that Wednesday was the best day for getting married. Monday, according to the tradition, was for wealth, with Tuesday for health. The unluckiest day? Saturday, which is the most popular wedding day around the world. This comes from an English folk song entitled Marry Monday, Marry for Wealth.

2. Make Me a Channel of Your Peas

Instead of rice, peas are thrown at newlyweds in the Czech Republic.

3. Why something blue?

In bridal ensemble, blue is denoted as a colour of purity, love, and fidelity.

4. Post-nuptial bliss

In Egypt, newlyweds are given a week’s grace from the cooking. The bride’s family cooks for the newlywed couple so they can relax.

5. If tying the knot in Las Vegas…

Try to avoid St. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. If you wish to have your wedding in Las Vegas, they are the two busiest days of the year.

6. Why do we have Stag Parties?

Stag parties were first held by ancient Spartan soldiers. They kissed their bachelor days goodbye in a raucous way. Of our six wedding superstitions, it remains to be seen if they wore identical T-Shirts or got sloshed outside the Acropolis of Athens. Or got lost in the chariot queue.

Eden Manor Bridal, 16 May 2017.

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