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The Wedding Dress Style For You

One of the most exciting and overwhelming things about being engaged is the search for a wedding dress. It is a bit daunting to make a choice that you have perhaps thought about since you were six years old.

Wedding Dress Styles – Pros and Cons

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses Eden Manor Bridal Wexford Ireland

Eden Manor Bridal have a huge range of Wedding Dresses of all styles in stock at our custom built Wedding Shop including Ballgown, A-Line, Empire, and Sheath which we will explore below.

Ballgown Wedding Dresses aka Princess Style

The Ballgown wedding dress is a classical princess style that features a nipped waist and has a huge skirt. The skirt has typically a lot of tulle and underskirts below to maintain its shape.

It’s best to wear a corset top in order to fully enhance the ballgown attributes. Petite ladies are best to avoid ballgowns since the skirts are quite huge and can make you look small or even overwhelm you. Ballgowns are superb for tall or mid-height brides who can carry the entire load in the skirt.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

There is a slight difference between ballgowns and A- Line. This difference is only about the size of the skirt. An A-Line dress has less volume than the ballgown but maintains that classic princess dress figure. A-Line gowns are suitable for all body shapes and give a characteristic hourglass shape. However, just like a ballgown, a corset in the bodice is vital.

Empire Line Wedding Dresses

An Empire line wedding dress gathers underneath the bust and falls smoothly over the hips. These are impeccable for ladies who want to conceal their bum, tums, or legs. They are very gratifying and girlish. Lately, empire dresses have more volume in the skirt which adds to their camouflage effect. This dress is very ethereal, elegant and pretty. However, brides with a very large bust should perhaps avoid wearing an empire wedding dress.

Sheath or Column Wedding Dresses

Sheath Wedding dresses Eden Manor Bridal WexfordSheath dresses are meant for the tall, slender and flexible, mainly because they are the most challenging of all wedding gowns.

These dresses are usually made of clingy silk or satin. Luckily, if you are not a supermodel there is a way to cheat; wear great underwear to even areas that you are not comfortable with, and high heel shoes can add height and create an excellent posture.

Additionally, in the last few seasons, more sheath wedding dresses have come in stiffer and more sculpted fabrics. You can create a great camouflage by wearing an underskirt concealed by a flowing overlay.

Eden Manor Bridal have a huge range of Wedding Dresses in all types of fabrics. Book your Wedding Visit Today!

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