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How to Prepare Yourself Before Visiting Eden Manor Bridal Shop in Wexford, Ireland

If you’re visiting any bridal shop in Wexford, or even anywhere in the country, it’s highly recommended that you make an appointment first. Bridal dresses are not like normal dresses. You will certainly need help getting in and out of them. Because of this, you need to make sure that there is someone available to help you out. By booking an appointment you’ll avoid being disappointed by not being able to try everything you want to.

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Plan Your Visits

Plan your time properly and leave plenty of leeway. Leave enough time in between appointments to travel between each bridal shop and take into account traffic and other delays. If you get there early it’s no big deal, you can find somewhere to get a cup of tea. Getting there late will leave you stressed, hot and bothered. You really won’t be in the best frame of mind to choose your wedding dress.

Be prepared for the fact that they might not have your size. It can be disappointing to have to try on a dress that is nowhere near your size, be it too big or too small. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the way you look. Bridal shops get things in a standard size, which they think people will most likely to want to try on. You can still get an idea of how it will look but either pulling it in, or leaving it a little undone. Remember, we can make adjustments to the dress should you need them.

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Use Your Imagination

You might have to use your imagination. It might be that you are looking at bridesmaids dresses too, and they will have different styles in different colours. You will need to be able to look at the style separately to the colour and put them together in your head.

Take a few hair items with you, like slides and bands. If you try on a dress and want to get a feel for how it would look with different hair, then you can get a better idea with the right equipment.

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It’s Your Day!

Be prepared to be strong-minded. Maybe everyone’s got an idea of what they think you should wear, but you’re wearing it so the decision is yours. Don’t let anybody influence you when visiting any bridal shops in Ireland. It’s your day, unless you really, really can’t decide.

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