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Do you ever wonder why wedding dresses look so good?

It is because plenty of time, effort and research go into making them. Some of them may take years or even decades to perfect. There are different fabrics for making wedding dresses and each one of them is unique. Your choice depends on the desired final look. 

Wedding Dresses Eden Manor Bridal Wexford IrelandSome fabrics are great for a light look and some look more elegant than others. Keep reading to find out about some of the most common fabrics for making wedding dresses.

Satin Wedding Dresses

Satin is a finish that may be made of polyester, silk, or a blend of both. However, most satin wedding gowns are made from pure silk. It is a popular choice for the dresses because of its smoothness, durability, and the fact that it can be used to make almost any type of gown. It is especially great for making ball gowns and draped styles. If you plan on having your wedding during the cooler months, satin is a great choice.

Chiffon Wedding Dresses

Chiffon is lightweight and beautiful. It is usually used in layers because of its sheer nature. The fabric may also be used to overlay other fabrics. Chiffon wedding gowns look simple and floaty. The downside of this fabric is that it can snag easily.

Voile Wedding Dresses

This fabric is made from cotton fibres. It is sheer and matte. The wedding gowns made from voile are fun and playful. They are perfect for informal weddings.

Elegant Wedding Dress Wedding Dresses Eden Manor Bridal Wexford IrelandLace Wedding Dresses

Lace is used in making elegant wedding gowns. The fabric is mostly used to add detail or as an overlay. There are different styles of lace and each one of them is unique. The fabrics are usually named after their city of origin.

Charmeuse Wedding Dresses

Charmeuse is lightweight, glossy, and beautiful. It is the perfect fabric to add a touch of class and luxury to any wedding gown. The only shortcoming of the fabric is that it can easily show flaws. The fabric can be intimidating but it is a great choice for brides who would like to flaunt their curves. It is great for flowing gowns.

Organza Wedding Dresses

Organza is a fabric made from silk. It is lightweight, delicate, and much stiffer than chiffon. It is structured and slightly ethereal. If you plan on having your wedding in the warmer months of the year, an Organza wedding dress is the perfect choice.

Georgette Wedding Dresses

Georgette is made of silk and polyester. It is sheer and matte but not entirely sheer.  A Georgette wedding dress is the perfect choice for a sunny wedding.

extravagance wedding Dresses WexfordTulle Wedding Dresses

Tulle is light and sheer fabric. It is the type of fabric that is used to make tutus for ballerinas. Tulle wedding gowns are fun and they feel airy. The fabric is very delicate. If planning on wearing a ballgown, tulle is a great alternative to heavy fabrics such as duchess satin.

Silk Wedding Dresses

There are plenty of fabrics that can be used to make wedding gowns. One of the most popular ones is silk. Some of the most common types of silk include;

  • Mikado,
  • Gazar, and
  • Radzmir.

Kate Middleton’s wedding gown was made from Gazar. Silk Wedding Dresses are perfect for a fairytale wedding.

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