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Top 4 Fascinating Facts of the Wedding Industry

Although the holiday season has come to an end, the summer wedding season is fast approaching, and you should expect new things since we are in a new year. The Irish wedding industry has been growing over the years with
lot’s taking place.
Weddings Wexford Bride and GroomBut, have you ever taken a second to think of the important traditions that define Irish weddings? Is it the slightly longer engagement period, fascinating wedding dresses, or the colourful rings? We sought to establish some of the wedding industrys’ fascinating facts and share them with you.

The 3-Day Wedding Trend Is a Reality

The three-day wedding trend is becoming popular across the UK and Ireland with at least 45% of UK couples who Wed last year choosing to celebrate their union for two or three days. This represents an increment of about 23% compared to how things were five years ago.

Consequently, there has also been a rise in money spend on venues and marquees. Statistics also reveal that couples are willing to spend more money to personalise their weddings.

Irish weddings cost an average of €31,000, but some couples are spending around €75,000. A survey by wedding website onefabday.com found that the most frugal budget for the day was €2,000. Brides spend roughly €2,000 on a wedding dress with a groom’s suit coming in at around €800.
ref: https://www.irishexaminer.com/

The average wedding size in Ireland is 80 to 100 guests for the wedding meal with an additional 50 to 80 for the evening party. Summer remains the most popular wedding season followed by spring. The most popular wedding months are July and August.

Return to Simple and Classic Wedding Dresses

Long White Wedding Dress with pockets Eden Manor Bridal WexfordOver the past few years, brides have been turning to the more “practical” wedding dresses that give them the much-needed freedom on their big day. This has seen a significant rise in the number of brides who prefer the pocketed wedding dresses that help them to keep a few of their valuables close to them.

After a busy morning of preparation and excitement, they often need a place where they can rest their hands and feel at ease as the bridegroom recites the wedding vows.

Millennials Are Starting to Pay for Their Weddings

Most millennials prefer to marry later in life when they are financially stable. However, the few that choose to walk down the aisle will mostly depend on their parents when it comes to financing.

This wedding trend is slowly beginning to go away since 18% of couples who married in the past one year were between 25 and 35 years and most of them foot the bills by themselves. Input in wedding planning from mothers is down to 44% from the initial 52% while that from fathers is down to 11% from 13%.

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