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Every Couples Nightmare…

Probably the most toe curling wedding photos you may have seen on this side of the cosmos

Poor composition and image processing make for bad wedding photography. Image by My Portfolio (via Shutterstock).

Poor composition and image processing make for bad wedding photography. Image by My Portfolio (via Shutterstock).

Wedding dress (check)… wedding venue (check)… wedding reception (check)… wedding photos (check)… who’s the photographer (pause)? Not this fellow, I remember when your sister hired him. Wouldn’t let him near my father’s Instamatic. Such poor composition: underexposed, overexposed, pixels like golf balls, even a thumb print on the top left corner.

Your wedding day is the happiest time of your life. Long after the ceremony, the wedding albums and photographs of your event are a permanent record. More than anything, bad wedding photos ruin an otherwise memorable day. Not only underexposure and overexposure, also appalling image processing – sorry attempts at Photoshop – ill-advised photo manipulation. An exemplar of bad art.

For today’s blog post, we look at some wedding photos from Hell. Some of which are so unspeakably bad, that we shouldn’t let young children look at them. They should be stored in a cardboard tube or box and shipped to a remote, unknown island. Some of the wedding photos are really bad. We at Eden Manor Bridal wouldn’t wish these photographic catastrophes on anybody.

But, if you wish to read on, here is a selection of pictures from Hell.

Clip One: Red alert: We found the 15 worst wedding photos of all time

If you’re looking for brides being photographed with cigarettes in their mouth, or a Star Wars style wedding, this selection is for you. We could spoil things by naming every single photograph to save you the misery of viewing. Whether this would ruin or enhance your enjoyment, you can draw your own conclusions.

Clip Two: 10 Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cringe

This glossy feature from TheTalko’s YouTube presents the photos in the style of a countdown feature. Be prepared to see dodgy wedding cakes and ill thought out location shots.

But Wait… There’s More!

The Death and Taxes website has forty hellish wedding photos. Visit this page if you dare!

Eden Manor Bridal, 12 December 2016.

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