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Getting Married In June

June image by Milleflore Images (via Shutterstock).

Image by Milleflore Images (via Shutterstock).

There is a good reason for why June is chosen for most events and weddings. In the northern hemisphere, this is when summertime kicks in. This is a time for carnivals, country shows, or seaside holidays as well as nuptials.

Why have weddings been associated with June? Well, firstly, it has nothing to do with the weather: though the start of summer, it can be one of our wettest months. The tradition dates from Roman times, in honour of the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter. Jupiter was the goddess of childbirth and marriage. Hence June being a popular month for weddings.

The Victorians had another reason for why our sixth month was a popular time for wedding ceremonies. Flowers were more abundant, and the most substantial of floral bouquets would have masked body odours. (Lifebuoy soap, noted for fighting B.O. didn’t hit the shelves till 1895).

Fast forward to 2017: today’s wedding guests are likely to use Lynx or Axe deodorant instead of Lifebuoy soap. Flowers add colour to the ceremony, no longer fulfilling their purpose as a surrogate deodorant. With more people taking time off in the summer months, June remains a popular month to this day. If you choose to have your wedding abroad, a wider choice of flights though, alas, probably not as cheap as in March or November.

September and October are also popular months to tie the knot. Apart from some good all round weather, tying the knot abroad may be cheaper. Hotel room rates and reception venues closer to home, likewise.

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Eden Manor Bridal, 06 June 2017.

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