Winter Weddings

Winter Wedding Dresses

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So You’re having a Winter Wedding…

sexy caped wedding dress eden manor bridal wexfordHaving your wedding during winter conjures up images of cosy firelit scenes and welcoming candlelit walkways, however they can also be a bit stressful then choosing your ideal outfit.

During the summer, weddings are fantastic because you can flaunt any style.

However, when the weather becomes chilly, the choice of wedding dresses may at first appear to be limited, but, if you like dressing up a winter wedding gives so many options with faux fur throws, capes and more as stylish designers create more exciting pieces for all weather.

The good news is that  you don’t have to feel cold. Here are some tips on how to dress either as a guest or as the bride for a Winter Wedding.

Winter Wedding Dresses

As a bride, when the weather is cold, you can rock a gown with long sleeves and thick fabric to shield you from the cold.

sexy winter wedding dresses ireland eden manor bridal

The natural radiant beauty of soft satin make this dress (pictured) unquestionably one of the sexiest and most elegant wedding dresses available at Eden Manor Bridal. Very sophisticated and dramatic accentuating the magic with long satin sleeves.

Most people believe that you have to wear a white dress. However, fashion rules have changed, and it is now totally acceptable to wear darker colours on your wedding.

When the bride wears dark shades, the guests should, of course, refrain from wearing bright colours that could outshine the bride since it is her day.

Winter Wedding Outfits for Guests

As a guest, receiving an invitation to a wedding during winter should not be a bother. Dressing for weddings during the cold season should be easy because you will discover that you may not need to invest in new clothing. Instead, you only need to tweak your wardrobe to accommodate the cold. Here are some tips you could use.

Hilda and Tom Wedding Dresses Eden Manor Bridal Wexford IrelandAdopt the maxi style

You don’t have to dress in a short dress and end up with frostbite! Long dresses can be stylish too with the right accessories. Consider a floral or plain colour dress with long sleeves. In some cases, the outfit may mean you don’t even need a coat, especially as most winter weddings are held in a cosy venue. Pictured right is Eden Manor Bridal owner Hilda Kavanagh in a perfectly fabulous floral number that wouldn’t be out of style at any winter wedding!

Velvet dresses and coats

Velvet fabric is warmer than other materials. A velvet dress could help you remain fashion-forward while at the same time keeping you nice and cosy so you can spend your time enjoying the wedding instead of shivering.

Hire your wedding outfit at Eden Bridal

So you want to look fashionable but don’t have the right outfit nor do you want to spend a fortune on something you will probably just wear once… Worry no more, at Eden Manor Bridal Shop, we offer all types of dresses suited for all weather conditions for the modern woman.

To top it up, we also have men’s formal wear. Our clothes are available for purchase or hire.  Eden Manor Bridal Shop has the best selection of wedding dresses in Ireland.

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