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US Stagecoach Weddings

Stagecoach Group offers US couples the chance to win a wedding aboard one of the company’s Megabus services

Manhattan Transfer Megabus image by S. Tiden (via Shutterstock).

A Manhattan Transfer: two lucky American newlyweds could travel anywhere in the USA or Canada by Megabus for their honeymoon, if they win a wedding aboard one of Stagecoach Group’s discount coach services. Image by S. Tiden (via Shutterstock).

The cost of a wedding, as we know ourselves, can be exorbitant. Besides the ceremony, you have the reception, honeymoon and dresses to shell out for as well. Taxis to and from the reception could be run into several euros. Yet, without knowing it, Cupid could draw back his bow on the 340 to Wexford. Driving down the cost of long-distance coach travel in the US and the UK is Stagecoach Group’s Megabus arm. For its US passengers, they have come up with a unique competition: a free wedding.

Love on a Bus Line

The lucky couple could be given a free wedding ceremony, complete with a registrar, flowers, and music. This will take place on one of Megabus’ 80 seat double decker coaches. Couples can enter via their Facebook page so long as they live in the United States of America. A passion for buses and coaches is desirable though not essential.

Furthermore, the married couple will be given free Megabus tickets to a destination of their choice for a honeymoon. They will be given $2,500 spending money. With the cost of weddings rising (from $19,522 in Arkansas to $78,464 in New York City), getting married on a bus could be a viable alternative.

Sean Hughes, Director of Public Affairs for Megabus said: “We have loved hearing about couples that have met on a Megabus or used to travel to see their long-distance loves.”

Eden Manor Bridal, 08 February 2017.

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